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The demand for an institutional lender has never been more pressing. Athena is a leading independent specialty finance company, dedicated to serving the needs of the global art market by delivering bespoke art lending solutions that are secured by artworks with consistent sales histories.

Financing art may be a new process for many. We customize our loans to address our clients’ unique needs for:
•  Acquisition Financing
•  Refinancing of Existing Loans
•  Bridge Loans to Potential Sales

Consider borrowing against your existing art collections to:
•  Finance a business or investment opportunity
•  Access funds to build or continue to add art to
•  an existing collection
•  Refinance or pay down existing debt
•  Provide estate planning solutions
•  Avoid significant transaction costs associated with selling

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you or e-meet you. Should you wish to learn about Athena’s services in greater detail, please contact:

Naomi Baigell
MD Marketing and Client Relations
[email protected]
Tel:+1 917 696 0412

Contact Athena Art Finance:
[email protected]
Tel:+1 212 937 7950

Follow Athena Art Finance:
Twitter: @Athena_Art_Fin
Instagram: @Athena_Art_Finance

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