Christie’s is excited to announce the first of a series of online exhibitions that showcase the work of students from Studio in a School. Studio is an organisation dedicated to growing the creative spirit and artistic skills of students from all five boroughs of New York City. In a time when schools are closed, physical gatherings have been put on pause, and we are all finding new ways to learn, instruct and communicate, art can be a particularly effective mode of expression. To that end, Christie’s is honoured to collaborate with Studio in a School to give its students an innovative digital platform to display and celebrate their masterpieces and a larger audience to appreciate their achievements. We begin our celebration of Studio in a School with the online exhibition Littlest Learners, the annual show of artwork created by students in 3K to second grade working under the guidance of Studio’s dedicated Artist Instructors.

Studio’s mission has long been to provide professional and engaging instruction to allow youth in New York City schools to learn and express freely and safely through art. In this unprecedented global moment, the works included in the Littlest Learners exhibition highlight the critical role that the arts play in creating a space for all students to discover and flourish.

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Studio in a School Programs

Studio’s founding commitment to restore visual arts instruction by engaging professional artists to teach in public schools remains unchanged with programs realised through two divisions:

Studio NYC provides standards-based, sequential visual arts instruction taught by professional artists to 30,000+ students from Pre-K through 12th grade each year, in-school and after-school, in partnership with nearly 200 schools and educational sites in all five boroughs of New York City. Working in economically distressed communities, and with holistic programming that engages students, teachers, administrators and family members, Studio NYC embeds the visual arts into a school’s curricula, culture and community.

Studio Institute provides professional learning programs for educational systems, the dissemination of arts education research and opportunities for high school and college students of limited means to experience advanced studies in the visual arts, to prepare for higher education and to be introduced to careers in the arts and cultural sector. With a mandate to disseminate Studio’s model, the Institute offers programs in Boston, Cleveland, Memphis, Newark, Philadelphia and Providence, as well as in New York City.

In recent months, Studio has built its capacity to reach and engage students in new ways: contributing curricula to schools’ distance learning platforms, providing take-home art kits and lessons via Zoom to high school artists, launching the family-friendly Studio in Your Home on its website and more.

With your support during this challenging time, Studio in a School will continue to nurture each young person’s imagination, self-expression and confidence, no matter where they live or attend school. Please visit the Support page to learn more about how you can contribute to Studio and to the thousands of young people served each year.

Work from the Classroom

"I like art because you can express your feelings on a piece of paper"

                                                                  —Studio in a School Student

More about Culture & Philanthropy at Christie’s

For over 250 years, Christie’s has the unique honour and privilege of stewarding great works of art with our clients, from one generation to another, across cultures and era. Today we continue to work closely with artists and the world’s leading art and cultural institutions.

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